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Mindfulness Based Stress Management Program

Participant Testimonials

I broke up a stagnant relationship that has been petering out for years and being able to use the helpful tools you taught us such as visualizing myself as being strong as a mountain and maintaining my focus on the breathing exercises I now use, has saved me so much suffering. I have been able to get through this painful and difficult time because of you and how and what you taught us during this course. I shall be grateful to you always , Gina. Thank you for the course that has saved me from feeling terrible.
M.P. Winter 2018

The mindfulness based stress management program is a great way to reduce life’s background noise & open up to a more joyful existence. What’s really special about it is that the approach is practical and can be used regularly to sustain the “feel good” effect you experience while doing the program. Gina is a dedicated, compassionate practitioner who makes this journey of discovery very special. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is seeking to benefit from more pleasure in life.
- D.D Fall, 2017

I really liked the MBSR program as it allowed me to better understand the practice of meditation as taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I appreciated the atmosphere in the class, the openness and the gentleness of the instructor Gina who fully embodied what she taught and that was very helpful to witness and experience. In moments of stress, I am much better able to pause, to breathe and to connect with my body which enables me to respond more effectively in the moment. This experience has motivated me to further develop my meditation practice and to teach it within the school system. Thank you very much Gina.
- S.B. Fall, 2017

Gina, Thank you for organizing a truly life changing program. I hope to take all I have learnt to have a better quality and more fulfilling life.
- R.P. Fall 2017

The course on mindful practices and meditation conducted by Gina Rubinsky was a journey I would recommend to anyone in search of healing and authentic empowerment through growth. The class accessed within me a sense of integrity for myself, and has returned all the work, time, and intention that I put in through the confidence I feel now. Gina offered support throughout the duration of the course, in order to solidify the formal and informal practices of mindfulness, which really eased my concerns for trying meditation. I very much appreciate Gina’s work and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the program.
- S.R. Spring 2016

I strongly recommend this program firstly due to the facilitator, Gina, whose openness and respect of everyone in the group immediately established a sense of harmony in which everyone felt comfortable. After only a few weeks, you can feel the power of this program as you find yourself already able to apply what you are learning in your daily life. Much less reactive and better able to respond to difficult situations. I so appreciated my experience and I thank you Gina for accompanying me throughout the process which has only just begun!
- L.R., Spring 2016

I would like to thank you Gina for this wonderful experience. The program is extremely well structured and permitted me to become aware of many things as well as having brought very positive changes to my life. Having said that, the program itself is not the only ‘active ingredient’. Your way of guiding us, your non judgemental comments, your empathy and your presence during the entire experience were for me extremely helpful. Besides feeling that I have really experienced growth as a result of participating in the program, I believe that its impact on my life will allow me to continue to evolve as I move forward. I believe that everyone can benefit from this program if they are open to try. Thank you so much for everything!
- A.P., Fall 2015

The program surpassed my expectations. I had read a lot on the subject prior to the course and thought I knew pretty much all there was to it but boy, was I wrong! Besides finding all the information presented on stress, reactivity and communication very useful, I also developed a greater sense of awareness of my reactions; a greater sense of calm and patience; more accepting and compassionate toward myself, less judgmental and more resilient. I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to others...thank you!
- M.V., Fall 2015

I cannot recommend this course enough! I have experimented and explored mindfulness and meditation over the years but it was only upon taking this MBSR course that I really began to integrate mindfulness into my life with rigour, passion and dedication. Gina is a skilled and warm-hearted facilitator.
- V.B. Summer 2015

I was very satisfied with this program. From the very first week, I experienced improvements in my sleep and in my ability to connect with my emotions which helped me to understand my reactions, respond effectively and decrease my stress. Learning to live in the present moment helped me to realize how fortunate I am.
- M.G. Winter 2015

Amongst all of the programs and trainings I have done, this program is most definitely one of the most interesting and significant. The guided meditations, the participant exchanges, the in class presentations, and the weekly home practice assignments have brought balance into my life; my mind, heart, and body. Your presence, Gina, your attention and your voice ensure the success of this program.
- M.D. Autumn 2014

After only a few weeks,, you can feel the power of this program as you find yourself already able to apply what you are learning in your daily life. Much less reactive and better able to respond to difficult situations. I so appreciated my experience and I thank you Gina for accompanying me throughout the process which has only just begun!
- L.R., Spring 2016

The program satisfied all my needs and expectations. If I only would have read on the topic of mindfulness, I do not believe that I would have had the courage to put into practice the teachings and meditate regularly. Since following the program, I feel less stressed, more anchored in my life, present and conscious of the choices that I can make daily. Although I was in group therapy during the program, I believe that it was really mindfulness that gave me the foundation for living with a greater sense of well-being and happiness. Thank you Gina for your compassion, your patience and for your teachings which provided a new way of living in all aspects of my life.
- M.L. Spring 2013

When I registered for this program, I had no idea that it would have such a great impact on my life. When I signed up, I was suffering from stress and anxiety on a daily basis. I now feel better about myself: more confident, positive, more focused and much calmer in facing challenges in my life. I have acquired tools that I can use on a daily basis that I know will reduce my stress. The program was the best thing I decided to do in a long time. Thank you, Gina!
- T.A. Spring 2013

The program exceeded my expectations. I loved it. I wanted to try meditating on my own but never really knew where to look for a class and learn how to practice correctly. From the very first week, I was able to better understand the stress I was living with and it gave me powerful tools to deal with it all. Learning to be mindful will have positive repercussions in all aspects of my life. I have recommended this program to many. Thank you so much!
- L.R. Spring 2012

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone in search of more control over stressful situations, pain, depression and the strenuous demands of our hectic pace of life. The teacher's vast experience and approach led to a most rewarding experience. Her compassion toward participants encouraged their own compassion towards themselves and in my case, much greater compassion towards my fellow human beings.
- J.W. Spring 2012

I truly loved this program and couldn't wait for Wednesday nights!I found it to be extremely helpful; the classes, the material, the teachings. It encompassed everything for me, mentally, physically and spiritually. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have participated in this program.
- M.C. Spring 2011

Firstly, I appreciated the atmosphere of respect and attentiveness that was created by you Gina. The program itself provided us with precious tools to not only practice meditation, but to also develop new ways of being that we are able to integrate into our daily life. Most remarkably, I learned how to face suffering with greater acceptance and without judging myself. This program represents a true opportunity to become a better person with greater awareness, compassion and inner freedom.
- P.P. Spring 2011